Frequently Asked Questions


What about art elements (Logos/Photos) in my ad?

Any elements provided must be high resolution. If you are providing a hard copy element such as a photograph, please ensure that it is the highest quality for scanning purposes.

How many words can I have on my ad?

The general rule of thumb is to use 7 words or less to convey your message. When it comes to billboards, less is best.

How many colors can I have on my ad?

You are free to use as many colors as you would like on your ad.

Do you provide a photographer?

SignAd does not provide professional photographers. Your Account Executive should be able to assist you in taking photos if necessary.

Will I finalize my artwork before it is posted?

Your Account Executive will ask you to approve the final proof prior to printing.

Will SignAd design my ad?

SignAd is available to assist in designing your ad from start to finish.

Will SignAd assist in getting logos from my vendors?

SignAd has access to a tremendous amount of logos. We are happy to work with your vendors if we do not already have the needed logo. However, we have found that vendors are often more helpful when working directly with their client.

How many changes are allowed when designing an ad?

SignAd will provide a first draft that is based off of initial input provided by you. Typically 3 – 4 minor changes may follow.

What makes a good photo?

- Portraits – Bust shots (head and shoulders) provide the best results. We are able to remove backgrounds when necessary.
- Retail – Photographing ONE item is more effective than photographing the interior of the business.
- Small, detailed objects will not show up very well.
- Interiors of homes / offices are not recommended.

Do you analyze the read of the board?

The Account Executive and the client should both provide pertinent board location information to our Graphic Designer upon beginning the design process.