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Attn: Texas Transportation Commission Chairman Tryon D. Lewis, Commissioner Jeff Austin III, Commissioner J. Bruce Bugg, Jr., Commissioner Laura Ryan and Commissioner Victor Vandergriff

Dear Chairman and Commissioners:

I write to you, regarding the above referenced subject, to indicate my favorable support of the original proposal put forth by the Texas Department of Transportation in eliminating the use of a height requirement for commercial signs. I also ask the commission to endorse this proposal and change the rules to reflect the elimination of a height standard. In the alternative, should the Commission feel that a consistency within the rules should be established, I would recommend the imposition of an 85 foot height limit for all commercial signs. This would include not only those signs built before March 1, 2017, as recently adopted by the legislature, but all signs no matter when constructed.

I thank you for the opportunity to provide my comment on the proposed Commercial Sign rules and ask that this correspondence go into the official record. If I can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me.


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